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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Do Dakinis Dance The Objection Tango Backwards?

Shakira - "Objection Tango"

(or an anachronistic perspective of the au courant feminine psyche)


Dakinis or 'sky dancers' are traditionally viewed in buddhism as enlightened female beings who appear in many persuasive forms. As there are many branches of Buddhism; concomitantly there is a profusion of dakini manifestations. There are worldly and wisdom dakinis. Within these there are vajra dakinis, ratna dakinis, padma dakinis, karma dakinis, and buddha dakinis. They manifest in dreams and in reality in a multitude of paradigms. Though aspects of an individual dakini image are in direct correlation with her role; she is frequently depicted with her right leg raised to symbolize dance.

On an individual level, their roles and abilities vary, though essentially their purpose is to supposedly act as an intermediary between heaven and earth. The concept of the angel fulfills a similar role in other religions and myths. They represent the feminine forces that in buddhism, are said to awaken dormant spiritual impulses in the subconscious. That is, dakinis are said to be in the 'space of becoming', where the range of enlightened activities occur.
According to buddhist belief, these activities include: pacifying, enriching, magnetizing and destroying. (1.Pacifying energy allays one's fears and sufferings. 2.Enriching energy increases long life and health. 3.Magnetizing energy supports spiritual development. 4.Destroying energy cuts through obstacles faced on the path.) Ingenuously, these energy covenants form the methodology of the Dakini's Dance.
The 'dance' of the dakini though not entirely prescriptive; would be in accordance with the four energy transfers. Any other 'dance', forwards or backwards would be considered unnecessary or unworthy. The tango, though a compelling and sensual experience wouldn't come under a dakini's "Must Do List" because the image of a dakini dancing the tango is an anarchronism. An anarchronism is the representation of someone or something as existing or happening in other than chronological, proper, or historical order.
That is, it is neither synchronous with the purpose nor the historical and religious contexts. The 'Objection Tango' is a song by Shakira. Though it is a catchy piece of music which portrays an aspect of the contemporary feminine pop culture; no dakini worth her vajra would contemplate it to be a dance worthy of performing. A dakini, supposing they exist, would only dance away from it. That is, she would dance it backwards.
There is a plethora of angel/dakini symbolism in our modern popular mass media culture. The symbolism though originally only used in a religious/cultural context, now graces almost every aspect of our consumerist culture from pop songs to pasta and from paintings to patio furniture. Consequently, it has become a way for women to define themselves or a way to claim special knowledge or power.
By attributing the title of dakini or angel in an arbitary way upon themselves, they assert to also ascribe the religious/spiritual powers of that entity upon themselves as well. This seems to be fashionable in a society enamoured with the notion of the supernatural, and consequently such symbols are worn purely as a fashion statement. Male dakinis, dakas, are also mentioned in buddhism, though this is rarely realized in western cultures. Hence, for those who consider themselves dakini or angel, I suggest that you may only have a fascination with the 'au courant feminine psyche'.
For, no matter how many belly dance classes or tango lessons you have attended, nor how many tai chi configurations you have performed, nor how many 'Awakening the Inner Goddess Symposiums' you have sojourned in, nor whether you can perform a dharmachakra mudra whilst standing on your head; the odds are:
(just like me) ~
you are ~
an ordinary woman with the CD player blaring at full blast ~
dancing to the strains of the 'Objection Tango'.



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