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"So long as I get somewhere," Alice added as an explanation. "Oh, you're sure to do that," said the Cat, "if you only walk long enough."

"All right," said the Cat; and this time it vanished quite slowly, beginning with the end of the tail, and ending with the grin, which remained some time after the rest of it had gone. "Well! I've often seen a cat without a grin," thought Alice; "but a grin without a cat! It's the most curious thing I ever saw in my life!"

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Friday, February 09, 2007

"Strangers On My Flight"

Image from: Cynical - C Blog

And now for some more political incorrectness.

"Strangers On My Flight" - Frank Sinatra Parody

No video with this one. if you want to hear the song, click here.

Strangers on my flight,
turbans they're packin'.
Wonderin' if they might,
plan a hijacking.
They could pull a stunt,
before this flight is through.
Something's on their minds.
I saw them mutter.
What that in their hands?
Looks like box cutters,
I'm gonna kick some ass,
if they make a move.
Strangers on my flight.
Two smelly people,
and they're not talking right;
and in a moment,
I will grab base ball bat;
and that will be that.
Swing like Joe DiMaggio,
and rip them both a new a-hole.
And if they pick a fight,
and try to screw us,
I'll punch out their lights,
just like Joe Louis.
It would feel so right,
for strangers on my flight.
Ratta Tat Tat Tat,
Budda Bing Bang Boom,
Zooma Zooma Zoom.
Send those b*stards to the moon....

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Blogger Simon said...


10/2/07 1:33 am  
Blogger Benedict 16th said...

Slightly off topic


hat tip

11/2/07 1:20 am  
Anonymous beth said...

Have you ever stopped to think that there is really no such thing as an atheist? To be adamant that there is no God, you must know everything that there is to know. You must have 100 percent of all the knowledge of everything in the universe. Let's assume you have 1 percent (which would be high for the average person) of all knowledge. That means that you do not know 99 percent of all the things there are to know, so you are really agnostic, because you dont know if there is a God because you cannot know everything.

Also, I find it hard to believe that you dont believe that everything has a maker. What if I showed you my home - it is made of bricks and mortar, but then I told you that no one made it - it just appeared here by accident. That's unbelieveable - just like its unbelieveable that the earth and everything and everyone on it just appeared here by accident.

11/2/07 2:40 pm  
Blogger beepbeepitsme said...

RE beth:

It may be a misconception that atheists are adamant that there is no god. I don't believe that any gods exist. In fact, I think there is a very low probability that any of the gods mentioned throughout human history, exist ot have existed; except as human constructs.

But that is not the same as saying that there is definitely no god or gods. Now, there may be some atheists who will state that absolutely there are no gods and that there never had been.

This is different from someone stating that they don't believe in the existence of a god or gods. The key word is "believe." I don't believe that gods exist and you do.

In the same way that if you stated that a specific god definitely existed, you would need to be omniscient yourself in order to be privy to such extraordinary knowledge. So, I don't claim omnisciece either. I don't know if any of the gods exist or not, but I don't believe that they do.

A theist is someone who believes in the existence of a god, or gods, and an atheist is just the opposite of that, they don't believe in the existence of a god or gods.

An agnostic is someone who doesn't know if a god exists, an atheist is someone who doesn't believe that a god or gods exist.

So, I suppose I am both, I don't know if a god exists or not, and I don't believe that it/they do either. Maybe I can be called an agnostic atheist. I don't believe in the existence of gods and I don't know if they exist either.

From a humancentric position, it is easy to imagine that everything is made by a person. Afterall, we know that we make things, and as we didn't make the stars, planets etc, the leap that many people make is that they must have been made by some one or something.

I don't know the origin of the universe, but I don't find a god explanation to be a very satisfying one for me. When I want to understand something about the world, I pop open a science book, a geology book, a biology book, or maybe an astronomy or an astrophysics book. The books I don't pop open in order to understand the natural universe are religious books, as frankly, they don't have any information in them that helps me to understand the world I live in.

11/2/07 8:37 pm  
Blogger beepbeepitsme said...

RE benedict

Looks like a poster from the 50's. The part they forgot to put in was "The end of the world is nigh". That has been standard on those sorts of signs for decades. ;)

11/2/07 8:38 pm  
Blogger Benedict 16th said...

Hey Beep Beep, re Beth*

Any chance of us getting together to try and make a Total Perspective Vortex? For a long time I have suspected that it is the fundamental feeling of inadequacy people have about our places in the universe that makes us create our gods, n'est pas?


* Beth I hope you are a deep and spiritual moral person, I just choose** to be a moral person without the threat of an almighty Buddah/Allah/Yarweh etc... to make sure I "straighten up and fly right"

** Well I think I choose, but then I may only think it pleases The Lord*** for me to feel I have the choice of choosing

*** The ruler of the Universe waited for as long as he could. When he heard the faint sound of the ship's engines starting, he spoke to cover it.
"It's nothing to do with me," he said. "I am not involved with people. The Lord knows I am not a cruel man."
"Ah!" barked Zarniwoop, "you say 'The Lord'. You believe in something!"
"My cat," said the man benignly, picking it up and stroking it. "I call him The Lord. I am kind to him."
"All right," said Zarniwoop, pressing home his point, "how do you know he exists? How do you know he knows you to be kind, or enjoys what he thinks of as your kindness?"
"I don't," said the man with a smile, "I have no idea. It merely pleases me to behave in a certain way to what appears to be a cat. Do you behave any differently? Please, I think I am tired."

PS Work Verification "utopsvaf"
with the Utop... being Utopian - I am sure I must be onto something if only I have a divine intervention that would allow me to see the meaning of "svaf", how could that possibly be random, it must be the invisible hand of god trying to help me see the light.

12/2/07 12:33 am  
Blogger beepbeepitsme said...

RE: benedict

Kinda like this but more mind numbing.

12/2/07 12:47 am  

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